To request a visum for shorter or longer stay in Togo. The following is necessary.

  • Valid passport.
  • 1 passport photo
  • Valid vaccination card do to WHO’s requirements  or a copy of following (In Togo yellow fever is mandatory, but we recommend other vaccinations. It is therefore advised to consult with your doctor.) Do not send this to the consulat but bring it, with you on your travels.   
  • A filled request about Visum in french, English or danish and payment for the visum
  • A prepaid and addressed envelope for returning via recommended mail. Important! 
  • Expect 1 to 2 weeks in process time, which can be valid for 3 month from issue date.

When acquired a visum for Togo, you will be able to make multiple inbound and outbound travels. 

Download the visum application

This document has to be filled out and send to Togos consulat in Denmark as a hard copy.

Togo consulat

Togo consulat in Denmark

Nyhavn 31 K

1051 København K

tel.: +45 3393 8474